Ideal Protein and Cancer Survivors

People that are overweight, hyperinsulinemic and diagnosed with metabolic syndrome are at a greater risk for developing many types of cancers.

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Ideal Protein and Cancer Survivors

Train your body to use insulin efficiently.

Cancer cells love sugar and insulin acts like a growth factor. When you are hyperinsulinemic and overweight, you create favorable conditions for cancer cells to thrive. And if you are in remission from cancer, the chance of recurrence is greater. A ketogenic diet such as the IP protocol forces your cells to not use sugar and trains your body to use insulin efficiently.

The oncologists there seem to agree that being overweight and hyperinsulinemic/insulin resistant are major risk factors for these types of cancer. Also they pointed out that cancer cells are totally glucose dependent and can’t use ketone bodies as a fuel source. Plus insulin is a very anabolic hormone (a growth factor). So for all these reasons they like our dietary approach.

In the meantime we still suggest women with a history of these cancers, get approval from their oncologist or OB/GYN if they are not seeing the oncologist any longer. We will make further guidelines after reviewing the data and physicians input from SD.