The mask of pregnancy, rooted in hormonal fluctuations, can be very difficult to treat. Dr. Neetu K. Sodhi of Bloom Obstetrics and Gynecology has an arsenal of treatment options to help women in Tarzana, CA and the greater Los Angeles area achieve an improved complexion.

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Pregnancy can cause or exacerbate existing melasma.

Melasma is a common skin problem that causes brown or gray splotches to appear on the face. Hyperpigmentation is anything that causes overproduction of pigment in the skin, and is often due to injury or sun exposure. Melasma is a very specific form of hyperpigmentation that is more likely to be recurring. It is also linked to hormonal shifts, such as those associated with pregnancy.

The best prevention is sunscreen, but even regular indoor light and heat can exacerbate it. At Bloom, Dr. Sodhi uses a variety of treatment modalities to tackle pregnancy melasma:

  • EltaMD Tinted Sunscreen: Iron oxides in tinted cosmetics have been shown to be more protective against melasma than sunscreen alone.
  • Azelaic/Glycolic acid- can be prescribed by Dr. Sodhi as a regimen during pregnancy for the treatment and prevention of hyperpigmentation.
Before and after facial treatment concept. Face with melasma and brown spots and open pores.