Placenta Donation

Give the gift of healing and don’t let your placenta go to waste. Dr. Neetu K. Sodhi suggests all qualifying mothers who are having a cesarean section consider donation of their placenta (at no cost to you) for use in various reconstructive surgeries including of the eyes, difficult-to-heal wounds and burns, and much more.

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Placenta Donation

Dr. Sodhi is a participating member of the Placenta Donation Program.

This means you can choose to- if you are undergoing a c-section- give your placenta to help heal others.

The amniotic membrane within the placenta has unique healing properties not found in other tissues; placenta tissue can be used by physicians to treat difficult wounds and soft tissue injuries. With your placenta donation, dozens of people’s quality of life can be improved!

The process is simple, free, and requires no additional surgery, just a routine blood test performed at the time of delivery.

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