Clinical Breast Exam

Dr. Neetu K. Sodhi is a gynecologist specializing in clinical breast exams and early detection of breast cancers. For a routine exam or to evaluate specific breast concerns, visit her at Bloom Obstetrics and Gynecology, serving the women of Tarzana, CA, the San Fernando Valley as well as the greater Los Angeles area.

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Clinical Breast Exam

What is a Clinical Breast Exam?

A clinical is performed by a healthcare professional such as Dr. Sodhi, who is trained to recognize many different types of breast abnormalities and warning signs. Dr. Sodhi will check for your breasts’ appearance – a visual check of your skin and underlying tissue. She will then perform a manual exam for unusual texture or lumps and may squeeze your nipples gently to see if fluid is expressed. If a lump is discovered, she will note its size, shape and texture and see if it moves easily. This information, along with your personal and family history will determine your need for further imaging and testing.

Screening Mammogram

In the absence of and suspicious findings and depending on your age and family history, Dr. Sodhi will order a mammogram, an x-ray picture of the breasts, to double-check for breast cancer.

3-D Mammogram

Dr. Sodhi’s preference is for all women who are due for mammograms to get a 3-D mammogram, and will order one for you. 3-D mammography is an FDA-approved advanced technology that takes multiple images, or X-rays, of breast tissue to recreate a 3-D picture of the breast. You may also hear it called breast tomosynthesis. It’s different from traditional mammography in that it generates multiple images, not just two, giving the radiologist a clearer image of a potential breast mass and making it easier to detect cancer. 3-D mammograms release the same amount of radiation as a traditional mammogram making them of no greater risk to the patient. They may be particularly effective for women with dense breast tissue or those at high risk for developing breast cancer.

Additional Testing

Additional testing via breast ultrasound or MRI may be recommended based on breast tissue density and need for additional imaging to make a clear diagnosis. Dr. Sodhi works closely with Breastlink surgical oncologist and breast cancer specialist, Dr. Nimmi Kapoor to ensure that all suspicious lesions are followed up expediently and with the highest level of expertise available.

Dr. Sodhi, in line with The Society of Breast Imaging, does not currently support the use of thermography/infrared imaging of the breast as either a screening tool in the detection of breast cancer or as an adjunctive diagnostic tool.