Belly Fat

Dr. Neetu K. Sodhi at Bloom Obstetrics and Gynecology provides body sculpting treatments for clients in Tarzana, CA, the San Fernando Valley, and the greater Los Angeles area. Clients, with all body shapes and sizes, agree belly fat is their most common aesthetic concern and Dr. Sodhi has treatments to target that stubborn pouch.

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Belly Fat

Belly fat or abdominal fat is by far the most common aesthetic concern we see at our clinic. Even very slim people start to get a stubborn pouch in their lower belly as they age. This is also a very common concern among new moms. Fat in the midsection area is especially uncomfortable because nearly every article of bottom-wear clothing has a waist band.

The creases and lines on the belly only get worse, if you don’t start exercising or losing weight. Even with targeted abdominal exercises, stomach fat is notoriously difficult to get rid of. SculpSure can reduce belly fat and even cause a skin-tightening effect, depending on the amount of adipose tissue treated. Call and learn to feel comfortable again.

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