Bloom Annual Fee

The Bloom Annual Fee is a nominal fee charged by the practice to cover administrative and other non-clinical services not covered by federal, state or private health insurance plans. We continue to accept insurance and offer an upgraded medical experience in our serene office space which we fondly refer to as the Bloom Boutique.  Dr. Neetu K. Sodhi at Bloom Obstetrics and Gynecology provides premier medical care for women in Tarzana, CA and surrounding Los Angeles area.



The ability to develop a meaningful relationship with your doctor is often crucial to achieving and maintaining optimal health.

At Bloom, we believe modern medicine should include:

  • A personal relationship with your physician
  • Timely, appreciable access to your physician and support staff
  • Comfortable exam settings
  • High-quality diagnostics
  • Evidence-based recommendations
  • Personalized treatment protocols
  • Open communication without judgment
  • A focus on disease prevention
  • Options for integrative medicine/supplements
  • Easy access to your medical information & results
  • One-stop shopping for all your self-care needs
  • Minimal wait time with refreshments provided
  • Special coordination for patients who require extreme privacy

Rising insurance premiums do not correspond with increased benefits and additional constraints placed on physicians make this model unsustainable.

Despite the growing obstacles placed by insurance, Dr. Sodhi and the bloom team are committed to providing you with the medical experience you deserve.

Upgrade your medical experience.