Bloom Doula Services

Bloom Doula Services are an integral part of your pregnancy. Dr. Sodhi believes that a modern maternity care team can help create a clear path for you to enjoy an optimal pregnancy and a safe, satisfying birth experience. Visit Dr. Neetu K. Sodhi and our doula, Eugenia Jansen, at Bloom Obstetrics and Gynecology, serving women of Tarzana, CA, the San Fernando Valley, as well as the greater Los Angeles area.

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Bloom Doula Services

Bloom Doula Services by Eugenia creates a clear path for Bloom patients to enjoy an optimal pregnancy and a safe, satisfying, pleasurable birth experience.

Though pregnancy and birth are natural processes, they are ridden with risk. As an obstetrician specializing in high-risk pregnancies, Dr. Sodhi’s focus is mitigating those risks to ensure an optimal outcome for mother and baby. Despite the beauty and calm you experience at Bloom, hospitals are by necessity, sterile and harsh, contradicting your desire for a nurturing environment. While expectant parents seek medical care for good outcomes, they seek birth doulas to enhance the pregnancy and birth experience.

Emphasizing a whole-person approach to wellness, Dr. Sodhi works alongside doula Eugenia Jansen to form the optimal modern maternity care team for our pregnant patients. The novelty of your obstetrician and doula working together in tandem ensures seamless care without conflict.

What is a Doula?

Doulas are professional birth coaches who provide emotional, informational, physical and mental support to women during the prenatal, birth and postpartum periods.

What sets Eugenia apart from other Doulas?

Besides being a certified doula, working directly with a OBGYN, her background in massage, craniosacral therapy and energy work complements and enhances her doula practice. Her approach is holistic, which means that she’s able to treat the mom to be and the newborn’s physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

What to expect:

The loving, supporting and unbiased energy of a mother who will coach you through the miracle of birthing. Eugenia addresses each women’s individual prenatal needs by incorporating bodywork sessions that combine different modalities from prenatal therapy, Shiatsu, Myofascial Therapy, Thai massage & Craniosacral Therapy.

With previous CNA experience, Eugenia is able to assist future parents navigate the hospital environment and to efficiently communicate with healthcare providers. During the birth process she incorporates meridian massage to induce labor and keeps the parents’ company through the whole process.

In postpartum, she delivers Craniosacral therapy and energy work to restore balance after such a wonderful, yet physically tolling event.


Patient Testimony

Tammy Baio

“I started seeing Dr. Sodhi in my first trimester, and she delivered our baby boy just under 2 months ago. I was originally very afraid and skeptical of a hospital birth due to some prior traumatic hospital experiences, as well as really wanting to have a natural birth with as little interventions as possible.

As a first time mom, that did IVF, as well as being over age 40, Dr. Sodhi made every extra effort to talk it all through with me, to make sure I delivered a healthy baby and had a smooth delivery. She really worked with me, and it really couldn’t have gone any better! Her and the team at Tarzana hospital, as well as our incredible Doula Bahia Shortlidge (also from Dr. Sodhi’s office), helped us have the smoothest, most beautiful and moving birth experience we could have ever hoped for.

It was beyond our expectations and we couldn’t have been happier!! Her and everyone at her office are so professional and caring. They always go the extra mile which means everything to us. Dr. Sodhi is so amazing at what she does. She takes the time to really talk with you, asks all the right questions, and really gets to know you. You couldn’t ask for anything more!! If you want an OBGYN who truly and genuinely cares about your well being, and loves what she does, this is the doctor for you. We are so grateful and blessed to have had her deliver our healthy & happy baby boy!!”

– Tammy B. 11/19/2018