COVID-19 Testing

The coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 5 million people in the US alone. Fortunately, with social distancing and COVID-19 testing, you can help prevent the spread of this potentially dangerous virus. Dr. Neetu K Sodhi of Bloom Obstetrics and Gynecology offers highly accurate COVID-19 RT-PCR testing with same-day results for individuals or corporate clients here Tarzana, CA and throughout the San Fernando Valley.

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COVID-19 Testing

We offer two types of COVID-19 Testing at Bloom: Diagnostic and Antibody testing.

Diagnostic Testing

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) swab tests have the highest available accuracy for detecting COVID-19 viral molecules. This type of testing is different than the “Rapid Antigen” testing offered at some sites in that it is more accurate with no false-negative results, a characteristic most important in helping to prevent the unnecessary spread of the virus. PCR testing however is more time consuming and most facilities give the results back in several days. At Bloom, we offer the highest accuracy PCR test with most often same-day turnaround times.

The RT-PCR test we use targets three different genes to detect the presence of COVID-19 in your body. With an FDA-approved and CLIA-licensed on-site lab, Dr. Sodhi is able to provide doctor-controlled testing in a safe, sterilized environment.

Included here are some details of how the test we use at Bloom measures up to reference standards:

Positive Percent Agreement in Symptomatic Patients 93.3% after (7 days PSO)
Negative Percent Agreement in Symptomatic Patients 100%
Positive Percent Agreement in Asymptomatic Patients  91.8%
Negative Percent Agreement in Asymptomatic patients  100%

If you are familiar with sensitivity and specificity but unfamiliar with Positive and Negative Percent Agreement, this comic strip might give you some clarity:


Antibody Testing:

At Bloom, we also offer IgG Antibody testing with 99.8% specificity 100% sensitivity for detecting antibodies to the receptor-binding domain of the spike protein. These specific antibodies have been shown to more likely confer immunity to the SARS-CoV2 virus and therefore carry more significance than antibodies to alternate target proteins detected by other tests on the market.

This test is recommended for those with no current symptoms who may have previously had COVID-19 or are curious about the efficacy of the COVID vaccine. It shoud be performed at least 10-14 days after vaccination or post symptom onset or at least 10-14 days following exposure to individuals with confirmed COVID-19, with >14 days being optimal.


What makes COVID-19 testing at Dr. Sodhi’s office different from testing at other sites?

  • Highest accuracy testing with the fastest turnaround times
  • No waiting in line. Scheduled, drive-through testing with the option for off-site testing (for an additional fee).
  • More comfortable testing experience with the option for oral swab instead of the nasal swab. The accuracy of an oral swab when done correctly is the same without any discomfort to you as a patient.

How much does COVID testing cost?

COVID RT-PCR Diagnostic Testing with same-day turnaround if collected by 2 pm or next-day if collected after 2 pm is offered at a flat fee of $200. Due to the high cost of providing this service with a quick turnaround time, the extra staffing and courier service fees, as well as the additional PPE needed to perform the test safely, we are unable to bill insurance for this test.

COVID Antibody Testing is a blood test performed in-office with a maximum turnaround time of 5-7 days with results usually available within 2-3 days. The cost of the test is $125.

Any additional consultation with Dr. Sodhi will be submitted to your insurance directly if you are a Bloom patient. Will will gladly provide you with a detailed invoice, per your request, if you’d like to submit either test for insurance reimbursement.